Wednesday, December 24, 2008

War Is Over!!!!!

Some of you know that I am hearing impaired. Music has always been a big part of my life. I write songs. I sang before I got sick. Music has just always been for me a means of escape and reflection and relaxation. Most music I don't look up lyrics for are the ones I enjoyed before losing my hearing. After my hearing started to go I mostly enjoyed the music although I couldn't hear the words. I am Messianic and so this time of year I listen mostly to Hanukkah music. So, why would I be posting about a Christmas Song. Well, some of you probably don't realize that I am.

Like so many people I never really paid attention to the words of songs, not even songs I sang unless I forced myself. We like music for music, not really for message. The first time I heard the song "So This Is Christmas" was in a television show after I lost hearing. I fell in love with the music. I didn't know any better. The other day in Second Life, BigD and I were at the Bistro and he was playing DJ. I told him there was a Christmas song that I loved the music on but couldn't remember the title. Later I did and IMd him. Well, he agreed the music was absolutely gorgeous and went on to tell me that it was a song that John Lennon wrote and performed with Yoko Ono.

Now, that man could write. I went today and googled to find the words of this song to find out what message Mr. Lennon had for his listeners. I read them and went to iTunes as I had to have the song. The actual title is "War Is Over". The song talks of peace and living in peace with everyone. I have now listened to the song many times repeatedly with new ears and I cry. This is perhaps the greatest song he has written. I have added the link from uTube that includes the lyrics. Please, if you are one who keeps Christmas (religiously or traditionally) or one who keeps Hanukkah or nothing at all, listen to this song with my ears and with the heart. Read the lyrics and know this is a song, not for Christmas, but for all time.


Kim Flack said...

Parker this has always been one of my favorite songs as well! When our oldest was 6 weeks old that first Christmas we all had together, I think I wore out this Lennon CD playing this song. I'm so glad Bigd was able to share some holiday cheer with you.

Crighton Johin said...

I love this song as well. Lennon was truly not just a poet, but a spiritual messenger of sorts. Human definitely, but with his heart in the right place. Completely and utterly honest, and always pushing us to think and look for a better world, both within and without.

Great post, Parky!