Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Fire to Never Quench

Two weeks ago today I made my last post. This post was excerpts from my article "Injustice And Intolerance In The Name Of God" After two weeks of no one contacting me to purchase the full article for publishing I decided to break down and submit it to Triond for publishing. I was reluctant to submit to them as I only make a few pennies a month and I really wanted to have it published where I could make a few bucks instead. Usually it takes anywhere from 24 to 48 hours for Triond to have my work published. However, this time I received a confirmation e-mail in less then an hour. http://www.newsflavor.com/Opinions/Injustice-and-Intolerance-in-the-Name-of-God.398005 Within an hour of publishing, there had already been a comment left on the article. I was fully amazed and just sat stunned as I talked to my friend on Skype. I knew I would make no money on this article where it is currently published, however It is receiving hits. this means that people are going to my article and hopefully reading it.

Although I will not make any money on this article, it did provide fuel to kick me in the seat of the pants and get me going once again. Last week I met and befriended a gentleman. He is a freelancer in Canada. Yesterday we began really talking and once again I felt a kick in the seat to start doing something. Once again I became motivated to write from my heart and pour more into it. This writer friend and I began our morning chatting on Skype once again. This conversation was much different from the conversation we had yesterday. Yesterday we were getting to know each other and exploring the style and technique of the others writing. Today, we were a bit more free in the flow of our conversation. One topic we hit on was freedom of speech.

The freedom of speech came into play as part of my last article as well as the fact that I am embarking into a new avenue to express my views and ideas through my writing. The amount of passion I felt in this conversation took the spark in my heart and fueled it into a raging inferno. A few days ago after reading this same article another friend was trying to get me into the same mindset. the one thing in the back of my mind was my being arrested for being too aggressive in my writing. It is funny that people can have an effect on the things we do and say. Another friend was trying to get me to be more "wild" and free in my mannerisms. Well that is not who I am, but perhaps it can be expressed in finally loosening the leash on my heart and letting my writing be all of this and more.

I have stood on my soapbox many times. But this time I will make no apologies. I will not relinquish. I will not quench the fire with me that needs to be heard. My writing will take a different turn. I have always been a researcher as well as a writer. My favorite projects in school were the ones where I needed to research and learn. Now I will take this to a new level. I will continue to research and write about the things I am passionate about. The fire is ignited and I will not quench it.

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