Thursday, April 30, 2009

I Heart NY

Yes, it’s true. I dared venture up to the Big Apple. I teetered back and forth not knowing for sure if I was really ready for such a trip. Finally, I made up my mind to not only go, but to take a nibble on the apple myself. My apprehensions would remain even as I was in the security line at the airport to leave. I made it to the plane and took off, my mind filled with more emotions then I thought could happen all at once.

The night before I was to leave friends advised that I should hold two words in my vocabulary ~ f*** you. These words have never been part of my vocabulary, so I tucked the advice away and went forward.

Entering LaGuardia airport I looked around as much as I could while making my way toward baggage claim. It seemed every shop had at least one item which read “I Y NY”. I suppose if I had bothered taking the time to get past my fears at McGhee Tyson, it would have been a similar scene with all the Volunteer items. Reaching my destination I peered intensely looking for my one small suitcase. It was not there. Gaining assistance, I found my case and made my way to call for the shuttle service to the hotel.

Following a minor security issue with the shuttle driver not wanting to show his ID to airport personnel, I was led to the waiting van with a very amorous couple behind me. We stowed our luggage and climbed aboard to be off to fetch six more souls to be distributed to various hotels around New York City. Finally, we were taken to the streets of NY where I was bitten by the Big Apple.

Well, perhaps it was the worm which bit me. Either way culture shock rocked me to my very core. My knuckles turned white as I clung to my laptop case as if my life depended on my not letting go. The fifty-something woman sitting next to me let out a gasp equaling mine in intensity but much louder as the shuttle driver just missed bowling over at least a dozen people on Broadway.

As we sped through the obstacle crammed streets of New York City I watched the blur of people and thought about the locusts which plagued Egypt to convince Pharaoh to set the Children of Israel free. No, I am not calling the residents of NY nor the city’s many tourists, swarms of pests. There are just so many of them and I couldn’t understand why anyone would choose to live this way.

Now the questions begin. Am I sorry I went to New York? No. Will I return to New York in the future? Probably since it is the writing capitol and I am a writer. Do I desire to live there? After this if I have to answer this question, you didn’t read the paragraphs before. Do I love New York? I love a dear Second Life friend who lives there and perhaps someday we shall have lunch and she will slap me around telling me how wonderful NY is. Until then, I am very happy to be back home with fewer people and I will try not to complain about the wretched drivers in Knoxville ever again.

Stay tuned to this frequency for the possibility of further sketches of my adventures in New York City.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

As I Go

Warning: This is totally unlike anything I have written before.

Taking the challenge of a writer friends blog post from a metaphor prompt he uses, I felt compelled to write this piece. I have never written anything like this before and perhaps I will never write anything like it again. Know and understand I am in a good frame of mind and this does not reflect feelings of despair in any way. Please have no fear for my safety.

As I Go

If I should wake before I die
pray tell me only where I lie
of melodies sweet
a hummingbirds treat
and gems sparkling in the sky.

If I should wake before life’s complete
Lull me back to restful sleep
To dream of days far away
When I would run, skip and play
The folly of insightful lass.

If I should wake before life’s end
Have at my side the sweetest friend
To recall evenings of delight
dancing under moon’s shimmery light
facing tomorrow full of hope.

If I should wake before I die
please don’t dare breathe a sigh
just turn and give a tender smile
sending me that one last mile
As I go so silently.

April 2, 2009