Saturday, March 7, 2009

Craving Something Sweet??

I received a notice regarding the on-line poetry reading I attend every Wednesday. It stated that it was Oreo Cookie Day in the UK. They were looking for poems about/inspired by Oreo Cookies. The two who host this reading are both in London and both LOVE Oreo cookies. Apparently they do not taste as good in the UK as they do in the US.

I am not a fan of Oreo's and cookies in general but my mind started swirling. I went to the drug store and was going to buy a package for further inspiration. However, the only ones I could find were Weight Watcher's and they are not the same. I returned home with the tornadoes raging in my mind wanting to spew out the words I was seeing.

"Ode To Your Pleasure" was written as I chatted in MSN with a UK friend who loves Oreo's. Later I logged in for the reading and sat listening as others read their works, but none were about Oreo cookies. My name was called to the mic and I had three pieces to read. I read a little one liner that I wrote in response to a friends photo he had taken and asked me to write what came to me from viewing that photo. Then I read the piece I last posted "I Wanted You". Then I asked Jilly to load the last one and went on to explain that it was written in response to the call for Oreo cookie poems. I brought the house down and prompted others to find pieces about the sweet little crumb maker.

Ode To Your Pleasure
With a package of blue
anticipation grows
a glass of milk by your side
small chocolate discs
glued with the sweetest cream
then separating the two
only to enjoy the sugary creamy goo
then together they fit
but the milk you bypass
to your lips a smile begins
crumbs find their wayto the table below
your eyes close lightly
your smile widens
the visions in your mind bloom
I breathe a sigh
as I watch in silence
you offer me your last
glancing down from your face to your pleasure
a grin slips to my mouth
reaching slowly you realizeyou have but one Oreo left
horror I hear in your gasp
then I take your milk instead.

March 4, 2009

Upon concluding my piece, another passed over to be read directly while I had the mic a haiku she had written in response to my reading mine.

The last Oreo
Is offered to us all by
The last Southern Belle
© Tidd Kidd 2009

So for all those who love Oreo cookies or just like sweets. Enjoy "Ode To Your Pleasure" , I'll take the milk.

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