Wednesday, May 20, 2009

One A Day

On Thursday, May 7, 2009, I awoke early with my mind swirling around with ideas (not an unusual thing for me). One of those ideas was to use my Twitter and Facebook status to write one line of a poem everyday. While a few here and there made comments on the individual lines, I don't believe anyone really picked up on what I was actually doing. It isn't any wonder that my first line of the poem was "Where should I start?" I wasn't really sure how this would progress nor if I would really follow through everyday (after all, I am getting old and tend to forget things). I also wasn't certain which direction this would take. Sometimes when I sit down to write about something, it takes on a mind of it's own and comes out totally awing me; for example my poem As I Go. This was just meant to be a simple little ditty and turned into a piece that I want read at my memorial when I pass on. Enough of the froo froo. No editing has been done to this piece. I would re-read the individual lines each day to make my progression, but today is the first I have put them together. I read this morning and decided the poem had an adequate conclusion. Now for you to read all together and offer your comments and feedback...

One A Day

Where should I start?
How do I begin?
To write what's in my heart
Words for you to hear
Be they pretty, be they bold
Swirling around inside my mind
Longing to splash and dance upon my page
Forevermore to delight
To give joy or remembrance.
Bringing about truth or excitation.
Dwelling in a world of fanciful lass
Only one thing overflows my senses
The essence of your sweet soul

May 20, 2009

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